Ulysse Nardin Blue Cruiser Swiss Replica Watches

Born from a pioneering spirit in 2001, and completely redesigned in 2013 to bring it into line with the seafaring theme cherished by Ulysse Nardin, the Freak Cruiser is hoisting the mainsail and heading for blue ocean waters. As spectacular as ever with its flying “Carrousel-Tourbillon” and its Dual Ulysse escapement in silicon, this exceptional timepiece now wears its bezel, rotating lower bridge and rotating upper bridge in deep aquatic colors. Like an old sea-dog, it has acquired the name Blue Cruiser on its voyages.


Never before has a Rolex Replica watches UK accomplished such a conceptual and technological leap forward for cheap Breitling Replica watchmaking – a feat that remains unrivalled even today. Stripped of its dial and hands, the Blue Cruiser is designed so that the movement revolves on itself. Connected to the center of this incredible ship, the rotating lower bridge indicates the hours, while the upper bridge, in the form of a skeletonized ship’s anchor – bearing the gear train, the balance spring and the exclusive Dual Ulysse silicon escapement – shows the minutes. Named the flying Carrousel-Tourbillon, this system which defies the imagination is entirely free floating, as it no longer includes the center pin which in previous incarnations was stowed with the sapphire crystal to support the entire structure.

The Blue Cruiser is also unusual in the way it is operated. Stripped of a crown and push-pieces, it is set using the rotating bezel, in both directions. As for winding the barrel – designed to offer a power reserve of more than seven days – this is done using the rear bezel mounted on ball bearings. These two elements – the front and lower bezels – are thus an integral part of this breathtaking manual-wind movement, visible through the open back.

In 18 ct white or rose gold, this avant-garde vessel measures a respectable 45 mm in diameter, a dimension that appeals rather than repels. Very elegant mounted on a blue or brown alligator strap with deployment clasp, the Blue Cruiser is, by its very nature, suited to voyages of all kinds.


Paris, and beyond

Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches UK lends its support to the Garnier Opera House and its company

Through a series of “cultural and social” initiatives, culture being the driving force of society, numerous Swiss Replica Watches Manufactures have made significant investments in and around Paris, thanks to which countless treasures have been restored to their original splendour. Thus Vacheron Constantin lends its support to the Garnier Opera House and its company, the Paris Opera Ballet, heir to the Royal Academy of Dance, instated by Louis XIV, the Sun King.

When Piaget planted more than 750 ancient varieties of rose bushes in the gardens at Château de Malmaison, the rose garden imagined by Empress Josephine bloomed again. The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, is a hub for Parisian cultural life and a showcase for contemporary creation. At the Orangerie in Versailles, Jaquet Droz presented the ballet company which Maurice Béjart formed in Lausanne.

Then Breguet, which generously contributed to the restoration of galleries at the Louvre. More than two thousand square metres of rooms showing objects from the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods have been returned to their original grandeur. The rooms, but also clocks, furniture, vases and many other decorative objects remind us still today of the grace, elegance and refinement of the Grand Siècle.

Today as yesterday, craftsmen continue to produce masterpieces of applied art; marvels such as the beautiful and equally precious clocks of which the Manufactures are both the creators and guardians: creators of beauty as yet unseen and guardians of a history and a heritage. This heritage must be preserved but it most also evolve. Personally, I believe that the applied arts of the twentieth century merit closer examination, and that they in turn should go on show for the pleasure and instruction of all.

Fine Rolex Replica For Cheap Watchmaking springs immediately to mind, for it has transformed the techniques and aesthetic of time measurement into great beauty. For many Manufactures, such a showcasing of the twentieth century’s applied arts would be an opportunity to rediscover those moments when their DNA embraced the spirit of the day, thanks to a more incisive interpretation of modernity. Which is why we have faith in their generosity and foresight. Ideas are by no means lacking.

New manufactory building of A. Lange & Söhne starts to take shape


The exterior works on the new building are almost completed

The construction of the new A. Lange & Söhne Swiss Replica Watches UK manufactory is right on schedule. Progress is particularly visible on the exterior façade. Inside the building, the works proceed rapidly as well.

The exterior works for the new manufactory are almost completed. With its bright and clearly structured façade the two-winged complex provides a welcoming atmosphere and blends in harmoniously with the surrounding historic buildings. The large windows will later enable optimal light incidence in the workrooms.

Inside, work is continuing at full speed. Modern workplaces for Cheap Rolex Replica watchmakers as well as new space for the components production are being created on a floor space of 5,400 square meters. The first high-quality timepieces will be produced here under clean-room conditions in just one year’s time.

Then, the largest geothermal energy plant in Saxony will ensure a comfortable indoor climate at all seasons. For this purpose, drillings are carried out next to the new building. A giant drill drives 19 boreholes to a depth of 125 metres into the ground. In 2013, 36 probes have already been sunk. As part of the CO2-neutral geothermal system they will help to heat the new building as well as other Lange buildings in the winter and cool them in the summer.

For Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid, the new building is a response to the growth in number of employees in the past and an investment in the future of the manufactory: “Quality assurance and sustainability are our main objectives for building the new manufactory. We want to create a perfect working environment and optimize our production processes in order to further improve the quality of our timepieces by protecting the environment and conserving valuable natural resources.”

Gaël Monfils to serve as De Bethune ambassador

Gaël Monfils will contribute to testing De Bethune Replica Watches, thereby providing additional performance measurements, notably regarding the resistance of the patented triple pare-chute shock-absorbing system

De Bethune announces a three-year partnership with French player Gaël Monfils, thereby making a spectacular arrival on the world’s tennis courts.

This brilliant, atypical and impetuous French tennis player, known for his spectacular slides and multiple nicknames, is taking on the role of ambassador for Haute Horlogerie brand De Bethune! A 27 year-old tennis pro currently holding the 21 spot in the ATP ranking (highest rank to date 7th), Gaël is above all an excellent all-round athlete blessed with outstanding physical abilities that are admirably expressed on the tennis court as well as on a football field or a basketball court.


Monfils displays strength, endurance as well as fire and spirit: his famous stretches and amazing jump heights, rendered possible by his almost feline overall elasticity, have earned him a variety of monikers including Sliderman, La Monf’ and Pantera. These acrobatic moves enhance a game style essentially based on surpassing existing standards and limits – a value that lies at the very core of the De Bethune philosophy. Such boldness and a keen determination to push the boundaries are exactly the kind of characteristics shared by the Artisans, watchmaking technicians and engineers of the youthful Manufacture with its 19 calibres and ten or so patents developed in just 12 years of existence.

As a young watch collector who has already acquired a penchant for beautiful horological mechanisms, Gaël emphasises the cutting-edge nature of the innovations featured in these models, along with their strongly identifiable design. “I have around 30 Rolex Replica watches, but De Bethune creations truly stand out from all the rest. I appreciate the technical nature and the innovations they have brought to the watchmaking world”, adds the long-time holder of the record for the most powerful forehand on the circuit (190 km/h).”

Through this partnership, De Bethune – a ‘confidential’ brand positioned in a niche market with an annual production of between 300 to 400 Replica Watches UK retailing at an average price of CHF 90,000 – is accompanying a peerless athlete and supporting the promising development of a professional tennis career.

For brand CEO Pierre Jacques, this association reflects a state of mind, shared values and a similar taste for excellence and independence. “He’s an atypical personality, who never does anything the way other people do”.

At this year’s Wimbledon tournament, Gaël will be wearing a customised DB28 Black Matt model with a blued titanium ring reflecting the brand’s signature colour.