Jaquet Droz Swiss Replica Watches Video. Petite Heure Minute Relief Snake

— This limited edition of only 8 pieces features a white gold sculpted and hand engraved snake, providing a stunning 3D image.

This cheap replica watches for sale comes in a polished 18kt white gold case. The inner bezel flange and lugs are set with 2 rows of diamonds. The case is set with 272 diamonds (approx.1.04 carats).

The white gold  snake is set with 3 diamonds and some enamel coloring is applied to the dial, providing the wearer with a stunning 3D image.

The hours and minutes functions of the Rolex replica watches are animated by Jaquet Droz automatic Caliber 2653. The fake watches for sale is part of the Ateliers d’Arts collection and is also available in pink gold version with black dial.

Blancpain Replica Watches Baku World Challenge

— Blancpain Swiss Replica Watches For Sale Sprint Series Final took place in Baku last weekend.

Baku World Challenge

The Baku World Challenge provided an exciting finale to the 2014 Blancpain Cheap Fake Watches Sprint Series. Here are the results.

Cesar Ramos and Laurens Vanthoor score their first Main Race win of the season.

Maximilian Götz is crowned 2014 Blancpain Sprint Series champion. Before the start of the Baku weekend it was clear that the Blancpain Sprint Series title would be decided between Maximilian Götz and the Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini pairing of Jeroen Bleekemolen and Hari Proczyk. However, with ten minutes to go, the front of the Lamborghini of Proczyk started to fall apart. After being shown the black and orange flag, Proczyk had no choice but to come in for repairs, losing any hope of the 2014 title in the process. Maxi Götz managed to bring his damaged HTP Mercedes home in 9th, which was enough to claim the 2014 Blancpain Sprint Series drivers title, having claimed three Main Race wins this season.


The final podium of the Blancpain Sprint Series in Baku.
© Blancpain Swiss replica watches

Laurens Vanthoor and Belgian Audi Club Team WRT take Blancpain GT Series titles. The Baku World Challenge was also the final round of the inaugural Blancpain fake watches GT Series, combining the results of the Endurance and Sprint Series.

In Baku the fight for the first Silver Cup title added some more spice to an already exciting event. Series leaders Vincent Abril and Mateusz Lisowski had a terrible start to the weekend, but they still managed to claim the Silver Cup, after a season in which the duo took four Main Race wins.

With the Pro-Am Trophy freshly in their pockets, Marc Basseng and Alessandro Latif came to Baku with the determination to add one more choice performance to their tally. Sadly, it was not to be. Basseng hit the wall during qualifying and the #5 Phoenix Racing Audi was damaged beyond repair. However, with four main race wins to their names, Latif and Basseng were still the best Pro-Am duo of the season.

Roger Dubuis The digital outrider

— The Manufacture Roger Dubuis Replica Watches UK is one of the most active on the Net. A close-up look at a pioneering digital success story.

Roger Dubuis app iPad

Conservative, slow starter, protectionist and even anachronistic: the Cheap Swiss Replica Watches industry’s approach to digital technology has been widely criticised and described in decidedly unflattering terms.

Admittedly, the eminently tactile and sensual world of Fine Watchmaking does not naturally lend itself to the digital era’s countless rows of zeros and ones. Some might at least grant it this excuse for being merely a distant follower of the digital revolution. The two worlds could indeed have continued to ignore each other almost indefinitely if someone – meaning the customer – had not expressed a clear preference.
Watchmaking paradox

In the early years of this new century, watchmaking has thus at last jumped on the digital bandwagon. It was high time it did so, since staying on the sidelines of the digital highway would have been inconceivable for an industry that perpetually demonstrates its innovative capacities.

Despite such a belated awareness, watchmaking is not really lagging that far behind in this domain. The technologies are still fairly new, the various means of implementing them are being established and habits are being acquired. This relative immaturity actually enables some of those who are delaying any action to justify their wait-and-see policy. Will they also end up getting involved in digital communication?

For Dorothée Henrio, Marketing Director of the Manufacture Roger Dubuis, the answer is obvious: “It’s become indispensable, a given part of any strategy. Even though it’s early days yet, one must be part of it for a very simple reason: heightened visibility”.


Roger Dubuis is active in around 15 different digital media, including Pinterest.
© Roger Dubuis

Digital daring

While some might thus be tempted to believe that going digital is a gateway one may decide to step through (or not), Manufacture Roger Dubuis’ experience to date – one of the most sophisticated in the Rolex Replica watchmaking sector – proves the exact opposite. “Strategy is as important as execution. One must be capable of putting forward a singular approach, an individual vision, and of interpreting it through the appropriate channels”, says Dorothée Henrio.


“We can surprise our audiences and dare to do certain things that historical brands could not afford to attempt.”

In other words, a brand needs to stand out from the crowd. In this respect, the Manufacture Roger Dubuis enjoys two appreciable privileges. The first is its youthfulness: “We’re a young and very dynamic brand, which opens up a broad communication territory. We can surprise our audiences and dare to do certain things that historical brands could not afford to attempt,” admits Nicolas Fermont, Head of Communication.

Secondly, Roger Dubuis belongs to Richemont, which strongly encourages and facilitates the spread of digital technologies within the group. Training sessions, best practice sharing, conventions and even the creation of a Digital Institute: everything possible is undertaken to enable brands to perform well on the digital stage.


Careful scouting and concerted action

The Maison tirelessly leverages these assets. It is active on around 15 major platforms, from the customary YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest right the way through to the most unusual counterparts. And the circle is by no means closed, since the Manufacture is currently attentively examining Tunepics, a channel that serves to associate a picture with a piece of music – and thus to convey emotions more effectively.

This role of scouting new applications implies its own risks. The brand is always prepared, if the return on investment proves insufficient, to hop off a given communication platform – because  an app is never really more than the result of a trend or a fashion. The difficulty lies in finding a rare gem, integrating it within the corporate strategy… and implementing it fast enough to remain under the radar. In a confidential aside, the Manufacture acknowledges that it is currently working on exploring a new digital channel in the lead-up to the SIHH 2015.



The “Goodbye Cuckoo” digital campaign created one of the biggest social media buzzes in the run-up to the SIHH 2014.
© Roger Dubuis Fake Watches

From brands to media… to media brands

Tactics must be carefully planned, but the outcome is certainly worth the effort. The latest viral “GoodbyeCuckoo, #HelloExtraordinary” campaign run by the Manufacture is a perfect example of how this can work. On paper, based on a plan featuring 30 mini-videos, shrouded in complete mystery as to the purpose, launched between Christmas and New Year in a pre-SIHH period when media tension is at its height, the campaign could easily have gone completely unnoticed!


“YouTube’s staff even came to visit us to make it a case study.”

What happened was quite the opposite, with clients, the press, bloggers and professionals all getting into it. The buzz was huge, with 750,000 hits. “YouTube’s staff even came to visit us to make it a case study,” says Nicolas Fermont with a broad smile.

An encounter between a company and its service supplier? It goes beyond that, since digital means that brands themselves have become media that produce their own content. This can be a severe shock for those who have never learned to develop anything other than gear trains, since the others are already streets ahead of them.

Reuge The MB&F effect

— Reuge partners MB&F to give life to the MusicMachine from the cheap Replica Rolex watchmaking collective. A stellar moment of fame for an endeavour that will now need to prove its staying power.

La Music Machine 1 de MB&F, dévoilée à Baselworld cette année. © MB&F

At Baselworld, MB&F was accompanied by a high-profile friend in the shape of Reuge. While those in the watchmaking know are accustomed to this name, it was a delightful discovery for the public at large. The hundred year old company is indeed one of the last remaining developers and producers of hand-crafted music boxes.

This was an unexpected opportunity of visibility for Reuge, which mainly functions on the basis of special orders from individuals and states.  Diplomatic discretion is thus very much the order of the day. With the Music Machine project driven by the dynamic Max Büsser, the unassuming Reuge firm thus enjoyed an intense yet short-lived burst of media coverage!

The current challenge is how to best leverage this moment under the spotlight, to prolong its effects and accelerate the company’s growth. The aim is clearly to develop its renown and gain the attention of new audiences. “We have effectively noticed stronger demand from end consumers” emphasises Kurt Kupper, CEO. “We already had a few, but up until now, we were mainly targeting retailers and companies”.


Reuge Ferrari boite à musique

The Ferrari music box project by Reuge.
© Reuge

Musical psychology

Kurt Kupper concedes daily that the territory explored by the Music Machine has opened up new horizons. “Max hates anything that is usual and commonplace”, smiles the CEO, “but the way we work has helped us to understand his universe and develop the Music Machine together”.

The public doesn’t see this way of functioning. It has to do with the overall thought and development process upstream of the product itself. Who could imagine that a diplomatic gift might call for up to nine months of prior research (read our article “Maximilian Büsser makes a confession”)?

“We conduct something akin to a psychological study for every request,” continues Kurt Kupper. “In a political context, for example, one needs to understand the culture of the person offering it, as well as that of the person receiving it, their rank in terms of protocol and the mission associated with the gift. There is an enormous amount of research. For a company, it is pretty much the same thing.”

And for MB&F? “Also, but in this respect we had a lot of fun and it was very stimulating!” remembers the CEO.


Reuge Kurt Kupper

Kurt Kupper, CEO of Reuge for the past seven years.
© Reuge

Toys for boys

The MB&F effect has had repercussions beyond the product development as such. With this highly visible achievement, Reuge has seen orders arriving from boutiques that specialise in accessories. This is a great opening for a brand which mainly targets watchmaking points of sale: “It’s about a development in mentality” explains Kurt Kupper. “A retailer with 50 or 51 brands will basically only sell one Rolex Replica watch to any client coming into his shop. On the other hand, with a Reuge, he has understood what he can offer with a timepiece… and an accessory. So it’s a win-win-win situation for him, for us and for the end consumer.”


“Our profession is the development of luxury objects, not mass-produced items”


So is Reuge set to become the latest fashionable men’s accessory? Diversification is well and truly the desired effect after Baselworld. It is not necessarily about producing more, but about spreading its sales in a different manner.

At the end of the day, one might almost wonder whether Reuge is not seeking to gain  access to the general public. One can rapidly become accustomed to the glare of the cameras… This does not however appear to be Reuge’s aim, for a fundamental reason summed up in six letters: luxury.

“Our profession is the development of luxury objects, not mass-produced items. On the contrary, I would like to move more towards a custom-made approach. This is not a question of products, but service. Swiss added-value stems from ingenuity and grey matter.”



A Reuge creation for Lancôme.
© Reuge Replica Watches UK

Looking to 2015… and beyond

In the immediate future, Reuge is focusing on the present, with the production of 66 Music Machine 1 (MM1) creations for MB&F. It will then be the turn of the MM2, to be announced in the autumn. In light of the success of the MM1, production of the MM2 will be increased to 99 units.

The first two models will be followed by the MM3  – which currently remains very mysterious – as well as “other more long-term projects,” hints Kurt Kupper. Reuge appears bent on having a little more fun with its Friends, to the delight of the fans who are busily snapping up the Music Machines.

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