Reuge The MB&F effect

— Reuge partners MB&F to give life to the MusicMachine from the cheap Replica Rolex watchmaking collective. A stellar moment of fame for an endeavour that will now need to prove its staying power.

La Music Machine 1 de MB&F, dévoilée à Baselworld cette année. © MB&F

At Baselworld, MB&F was accompanied by a high-profile friend in the shape of Reuge. While those in the watchmaking know are accustomed to this name, it was a delightful discovery for the public at large. The hundred year old company is indeed one of the last remaining developers and producers of hand-crafted music boxes.

This was an unexpected opportunity of visibility for Reuge, which mainly functions on the basis of special orders from individuals and states.  Diplomatic discretion is thus very much the order of the day. With the Music Machine project driven by the dynamic Max Büsser, the unassuming Reuge firm thus enjoyed an intense yet short-lived burst of media coverage!

The current challenge is how to best leverage this moment under the spotlight, to prolong its effects and accelerate the company’s growth. The aim is clearly to develop its renown and gain the attention of new audiences. “We have effectively noticed stronger demand from end consumers” emphasises Kurt Kupper, CEO. “We already had a few, but up until now, we were mainly targeting retailers and companies”.


Reuge Ferrari boite à musique

The Ferrari music box project by Reuge.
© Reuge

Musical psychology

Kurt Kupper concedes daily that the territory explored by the Music Machine has opened up new horizons. “Max hates anything that is usual and commonplace”, smiles the CEO, “but the way we work has helped us to understand his universe and develop the Music Machine together”.

The public doesn’t see this way of functioning. It has to do with the overall thought and development process upstream of the product itself. Who could imagine that a diplomatic gift might call for up to nine months of prior research (read our article “Maximilian Büsser makes a confession”)?

“We conduct something akin to a psychological study for every request,” continues Kurt Kupper. “In a political context, for example, one needs to understand the culture of the person offering it, as well as that of the person receiving it, their rank in terms of protocol and the mission associated with the gift. There is an enormous amount of research. For a company, it is pretty much the same thing.”

And for MB&F? “Also, but in this respect we had a lot of fun and it was very stimulating!” remembers the CEO.


Reuge Kurt Kupper

Kurt Kupper, CEO of Reuge for the past seven years.
© Reuge

Toys for boys

The MB&F effect has had repercussions beyond the product development as such. With this highly visible achievement, Reuge has seen orders arriving from boutiques that specialise in accessories. This is a great opening for a brand which mainly targets watchmaking points of sale: “It’s about a development in mentality” explains Kurt Kupper. “A retailer with 50 or 51 brands will basically only sell one Rolex Replica watch to any client coming into his shop. On the other hand, with a Reuge, he has understood what he can offer with a timepiece… and an accessory. So it’s a win-win-win situation for him, for us and for the end consumer.”


“Our profession is the development of luxury objects, not mass-produced items”


So is Reuge set to become the latest fashionable men’s accessory? Diversification is well and truly the desired effect after Baselworld. It is not necessarily about producing more, but about spreading its sales in a different manner.

At the end of the day, one might almost wonder whether Reuge is not seeking to gain  access to the general public. One can rapidly become accustomed to the glare of the cameras… This does not however appear to be Reuge’s aim, for a fundamental reason summed up in six letters: luxury.

“Our profession is the development of luxury objects, not mass-produced items. On the contrary, I would like to move more towards a custom-made approach. This is not a question of products, but service. Swiss added-value stems from ingenuity and grey matter.”



A Reuge creation for Lancôme.
© Reuge Replica Watches UK

Looking to 2015… and beyond

In the immediate future, Reuge is focusing on the present, with the production of 66 Music Machine 1 (MM1) creations for MB&F. It will then be the turn of the MM2, to be announced in the autumn. In light of the success of the MM1, production of the MM2 will be increased to 99 units.

The first two models will be followed by the MM3  – which currently remains very mysterious – as well as “other more long-term projects,” hints Kurt Kupper. Reuge appears bent on having a little more fun with its Friends, to the delight of the fans who are busily snapping up the Music Machines.

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Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 5

— Launched in 2009, the Histoire de Tourbillon series presents the tourbillon in spectacular new forms. The sage continues with Histoire de Tourbillon 5.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 5

Building on the technical challenges introduced throughout the series – from Histoire de Tourbillon 1, which explores the movement and sculpture of the complication, to Histoire de Tourbillon 4, which seeks the next level of precision and performance – a powerful idea took shape: for the first time, the Histoire de Tourbillon 5 would fully reveal the exceptional mechanism behind the tourbillon.

To keep the focus firmly on the tri-axial tourbillon and its remarkable execution, Rolex Replica watchmakers employed an unprecedented approach that could be called “watchmaking urbanism,” and led to the creation of a miniature mechanical metropolis. The movement and its various territories were reorganized on different levels like a mechanical landscape: a low-lying movement, bridges placed just below the surface, and the tri-axial towering over the scene from within its dome. The first stage, which involved open-working the movement in a ‘geographically’ minimalist style, served the sole purpose of whittling the mechanism down to its bare essentials. Next came the dimensional work – to ensure the mechanism remains prominently enthroned within the overarching sapphire crystal, the glass of the ‘porthole’ is fixed to a truncated base – a true tour de force in itself.


Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 5

The movement and its various territories are reorganized on different levels like a mechanical landscape.
© Harry Winston Swiss Replica Watches

The spherical bridges beneath the Tourbillon are hollowed out to create passages beneath which the power reserve is cleverly fitted, all without any loss of function or coherence.

The case, which must form a single entity with the movement, is finely worked like a monobloc sculpture, defined by both sharp and declining angles, as well as two- or three-dimensional volumes.

The hour and minute functions are symmetrically isolated on the display – a decision that generated a number of mechanical and architectural challenges. The counters had to fit within a narrow perimeter, while still remaining perfectly readable and yet smaller than the Tourbillon – the star of the show.

The thickness of the movement required crucial choices in selection of the materials. Apart from the three-dimensional bridges, which are crafted in maillechort, all the other bridges are titanium and the disks are produced by galvanic growth. Weight calculations were an important factor throughout the design. To counter-balance the extreme lightness of the tourbillon carriages, a gold bridge was created to maintain the subtle balance of the carriages.

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 5

Histoire de Tourbillon 5 is the first in the series to be crafted in rose gold and the open-worked movement is black instead of the conventional grey.
© Harry Winston Fake Watches Sale


The timepiece comes in a limited edition of 20 pieces.

Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix A salvo from the Swatch Group

— The 230 timepieces entered for this year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix include some welcome new entrants from the stable of brands of the world’s biggest Rolex Replica watchmaking group.

Blancpain Carrousel Moonphase, Harry Winston Project Z8, Breguet Classique Chronométrie

Starting this week and continuing for the next twelve weeks, we will be taking a look at the entrants in each of the twelve categories of this year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

After non-Swiss brands such as Ressence (Belgium) and Habring (Austria) scooped prizes at last year’s awards, it is hard to dispute that the sphere of influence of the industry’s biggest awards ceremony now extends far beyond the confines of the city of Geneva.

So broad is the international dimension, in fact, that some major brands from the Swatch Group, the world’s biggest watchmaking group, were becoming increasingly notable by their absence. Some stayed away out of fear of not being preselected. Others baulked at the cost of submitting several timepieces. Yet the reasons for the absence of brands from the Swatch Group were clearly of a different order.

Whatever their motivations, whether personal, political, strategic or commercial, the barriers to the group’s participation in the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix now seem to have lifted and this year we see at a stroke entries from Blancpain, Breguet, Harry Winston, Jaquet Droz, Omega and Tissot among the 230 watches that have been submitted for consideration across the 12 different categories. All that we can say is that it’s about time!


Breguet Classique Chronométrie

Breguet Classique Chronométrie
© Breguet Replica Watches Sale


The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix may be attached to the name Geneva and all that the city represents in the history and continuity of fine watchmaking, but it’s worth recalling the first point in the list of its “rules”:

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) is open to all watch brands, irrespective of nationality.

It’s a credit to the tireless work of the organisers to constantly improve the format and appeal of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix that this year’s entrants once again include names from far beyond Switzerland’s borders. The jury will have no mean task, for example, to evaluate the Single Needle 001 model from Shenzhen-based CIGA Design, with its “asynchronous” movement, alongside more classic offerings from the likes of Speake-Marin and Julien Coudray in the men’s category.

As Luc Perramond, CEO of La Montre Hermès, explained to me last week, however, simply taking part can be just as important as winning.

“We saw in 2011 when we won the award in the men’s Replica Watches For Sale category for the Temps Suspendu that it has a major impact,” he explained. “This allowed La Montre Hermès to make a huge jump in terms of recognition and credibility.”

“Of course, we know that we cannot win every year, but it is still important for us to take part to show what we can do.”

Ulysse Nardin Blue Cruiser Swiss Replica Watches

Born from a pioneering spirit in 2001, and completely redesigned in 2013 to bring it into line with the seafaring theme cherished by Ulysse Nardin, the Freak Cruiser is hoisting the mainsail and heading for blue ocean waters. As spectacular as ever with its flying “Carrousel-Tourbillon” and its Dual Ulysse escapement in silicon, this exceptional timepiece now wears its bezel, rotating lower bridge and rotating upper bridge in deep aquatic colors. Like an old sea-dog, it has acquired the name Blue Cruiser on its voyages.


Never before has a Rolex Replica watches UK accomplished such a conceptual and technological leap forward for cheap Breitling Replica watchmaking – a feat that remains unrivalled even today. Stripped of its dial and hands, the Blue Cruiser is designed so that the movement revolves on itself. Connected to the center of this incredible ship, the rotating lower bridge indicates the hours, while the upper bridge, in the form of a skeletonized ship’s anchor – bearing the gear train, the balance spring and the exclusive Dual Ulysse silicon escapement – shows the minutes. Named the flying Carrousel-Tourbillon, this system which defies the imagination is entirely free floating, as it no longer includes the center pin which in previous incarnations was stowed with the sapphire crystal to support the entire structure.

The Blue Cruiser is also unusual in the way it is operated. Stripped of a crown and push-pieces, it is set using the rotating bezel, in both directions. As for winding the barrel – designed to offer a power reserve of more than seven days – this is done using the rear bezel mounted on ball bearings. These two elements – the front and lower bezels – are thus an integral part of this breathtaking manual-wind movement, visible through the open back.

In 18 ct white or rose gold, this avant-garde vessel measures a respectable 45 mm in diameter, a dimension that appeals rather than repels. Very elegant mounted on a blue or brown alligator strap with deployment clasp, the Blue Cruiser is, by its very nature, suited to voyages of all kinds.